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Overcommunicate Magazine is a zine by and for rainbow women, non-binary folk, and gender diverse people. The magazine is edited by me, Grace, a queer high school teacher from Tāmaki Makaurau. Each regular issue contains a diverse range of queer writing and artwork. I've also published two special issues, each focussed on a different theme: Love Poems and Sex Poems.

I accept submissions at any time for upcoming issues. I'm looking for:

  • writing about people's queer or rainbow journeys (max. 750 words)
  • essays or articles on queer news, issues, and philosophies (max. 750 words)
  • reviews or analyses of queer media (max. 750 words)
  • artwork and comics (to fit on an A5 page)
  • short stories (max. 750 words)
  • poetry (max. 38 lines including line breaks)
  • other things which fit on a page!
If you're unsure if what you have would fit the zine, just send me an email or Instagram message or Facebook message to ask any questions!

I'm always looking for ideas to distribute Overcommunicate. If you have any suggestions of shops, cafes, etc which might be able to sell the zine, or other ideas for marketing or distribution, please get in touch.